Exceptional dentistry: excellent oral health

At the Oxford Street Dental Practice we offer a full range of general dentistry services - all tailored around you. We aim to help our patients combine a great, natural looking smile with long-term oral health. We do this by working with you to help you choose the best option from a range of treatments. We have the expertise to help ensure your treatment is as comfortable and manageable as possible, letting you get on with your life.

Our services include: 

Dental check ups

Regular, thorough dental check ups allow us to identify any potential problems and work to reduce their impact as early as possible.


We can provide fillings as a solution to a wide variety of dental problems and in most cases we can offer tooth-coloured fillings for a more natural look.

Bridgework and Implants

We can use either of these two ways of filling any gaps, helping your teeth to work better, and avoiding the need for a denture.

Root Canal Treatment

Where this procedure is necessary, we aim to make it as comfortable as possible. We’ll discuss all the possible options with you, including pain relief and sedation.

Hygiene visits

We know great oral health starts with good hygiene. We have a special interest in this field and provide all the expert care and support you need for a truly confident smile.

Snoring, clicking and grinding

Clicking, grinding and snoring are all dental-related problems that can all affect your quality of life – or your partner's. We have a great deal of experience of treating patients with these issues.

Call us today to book an initial assessment appointment on 0115 947 5726 or by email at: info@oxfordstreetdental.com.


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