New Patients

Getting to know us

Before you even visit the Oxford Street Dental practice, you have the reassurance of knowing you will be treated by practice director and highly experienced dentist, Dr Paul Fitton, together with his team of fully qualified dental nurses.

Getting to know you

At your first visit to the practice we take time to get to know you and to listen to your concerns. That means finding out about any specific issues you may have, such as sensitive teeth, teeth grinding or snoring.

Your assessment

On your first visit we will take you through an assessment. This comfortable process includes x-rays to allow us to see your teeth, gums and their foundations. We also check for any additional issues (such as jaw joint clicking or pain). This assessment allows us to draw up an effective treatment plan tailored to your individual needs.

Discussing your treatment

We make a wide range of treatment options available to our patients. The first thing we do after your assessment is discuss what possible treatment you may need - and the best choice for you. We will take all your particular concerns and needs into consideration. For example, we are highly experienced at treating nervous patients.


We have full and comprehensive price list for all available treatments. Please contact us on: 0115 947 5726 or by email at: for more information.

Denplan offer a range of care and payment schemes. For more information on these, please visit:

Treatment on the NHS

We also offer treatment on the NHS to children and students.

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